Growth Strategies
Get the most out of your Kickspan Plan.

Track Your Results
Before using these strategies, you may want to first start monitoring your progress.
To track your results and receive analytics on your growth, you must switch your Instagram account to a business profile.

1. Log into Facebook and Create a Facebook Page.
2. Go onto Instagram on your mobile device.
3. Tap your profile in the bottom right corner.
4. In the top right corner, click the settings button. Then select "Settings" on the bottom right corner.
5. Scroll down and select "Switch to Business Profile"
6. You must then log into Facebook and connect the account to the Facebook page you created.

Use Hashtags
You can find popular hashtags on the following website:

1. Go on the site.
2. Search your niche.
3. Export as CSV.

You can use the hashtags given to you by experimenting with them and putting them in clusters of 30. Overtime, you will begin to see which combination of hashtags works best and find the best ones for your account. Hashtags range in their competitiveness and effectiveness so it is important to use a diverse range of them.

Hashtags become very useful when you reach a lot of followers (10k+). They're more for reaching new people by hitting the explore page. This is because when you look up a hashtag it shows "Recent posts" and "Top Posts" (Posts with high engagement). When you are a large page, you will appear under "Top Posts" gaining you more exposure to viewers searching that particular hashtag since you become the leader in that category.
Post Correctly
We recommend posting approximately 5-7 times per week. it is important that you also post the right content for your followers and keep a consistent theme. Figure out why people are following you and cater to that audience by providing value E.g. as a fitness page, you could teach workout routines, meal plans and provide motivation. This provides value to potential followers and makes them more likely to follow you.

Work on ways to improve content and come up with creative ideas such as giveaways, competitions etc to engage the audience. A good way to constantly improve is to look at what is performing well on your profile (high likes/comments) and replicate that style of posting more.

Ask your audience questions (e.g. a collage of 4 different outfits) and show them 4 options which they can choose from. The more your audience engages the more you'll hit the explore page.

Post more short videos (15-30sec are more likely to hit the explore page)

Optimize Your Profile
In order to maximise your performance, you should ensure people who view your profile convert to followers. The average Kickspan client gets appriximately 2000 profile visits per week, but only 250 convert to actual followers (on average). This is a 12.5% conversion rate.

Having a good profile picture, bio and theme with a reason to follow you will entice more viewers to follow you. We recommend a good 'call to action' in your bio. E.g. "Follow for daily motivation and tips."

We also recommend using a profile picture that's flashy and stands out. Something bright that will make more people want to click your profile. Research 'Clickbait' strategies to learn more about this.

Also, if you are looking to sell goods or services, we suggest switching to a business profile and having a URL link in your bio. This way you can receive calls/emails and also get more clicks to your website.
Engage with Followers
Post Instagram stories to engage your audience (polls, questions). If you keep them updated your engagement will increase and you'll hit the explore page more.

Reply to all your fans messages and comments. Make an effort to show you care as fans will return the favour by spreading your name in a positive light.